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Sommerville Almond Tree RV Park's goal is to provide free WiFi for our park residents to check email and for general browsing.

However, Park Management has made a decision that we do not support a WiFi signal for the purpose of video streaming of movies or other video.  This has caused some problems that we are in the process of fixing.

Our System

HughesNet is the satellite ISP provider. We have two Gen4  accounts to provide bandwidth throughout the park. One dish is on the East Showerhouse and the second is on the West Showerhouse.  These locations provide a clear view of the sky for incoming satellite signals. 

Routers: Each HughesNet modem is attached to a Pepwave Soho router.  This is a basic router that should be providing  throughput from the modem to the access points, while allowing control of the content and signal.  Some of the settings from the router include:

  • upload and download speeds to each IP address is set to 1.2 mbps (this should allow plenty of bandwidth for email and general browsing)

  • Content Blocking is set to block all video streaming services and file hosting.

  • specific sites that are blocked include: YouTube; NetFlix; and Roku

Access Points: Each showerhouse has a Hawking Technology HOWABN-21 device that should provide an omni-directional signal at about 18 - 20 db.  East Showerhouse = Sommerville1 and West Showerhouse = Sommerville2.  Both are set to distribute a 2.4 gz signal, which provides a stronger signal at a greater distance especially through trees, but is not good for streaming videos.  In addition a repeater is placed at the south end of the park for redundancy of coverage.  It is usually set to repeat from the west showerhouse thus it is Sommerville2rp.

Passwords: are being changed every other month on the first Sunday of the month.  The next change will occur in February.  Please contact the office for the newest password. OR you should be able to find it on your receipt.


We recognize that we are currently having problems with this system.  When it was first installed, it was a big improvement from the previous system.  However some known problems are occurring and some other unknown issues have also popped up.  I will try to address them below.

Access Points disappearing:  This started occurring in late October.  The solution was to unplug and reset the routers and access points.  However it got to the point that I was doing this 2 or 3 times a day usually to the just the access devices.  Hawking never came up with a solution so we theorized that it was due to "dirty" electrical power.  On December 20th, two APS battery backup systems were installed to assure a clean and continuous power to all network devices.  This seems to correct at least the problem of having to reset the access points.  

Slow Internet speed: Residents have complained about slow access to email and other sites.  Some people have admitted, after questioning, that they were watching NetFlix and all of the sudden their internet stopped.  NetFlix is a video streaming service that, if you are using the Sommerville WiFi, pretty much takes all the bandwidth.  We could handle 4 or 5 people doing this, but when we have 30+ residents trying it at the same time, it stretches the bandwidth thin.  The router is designed to limit only those IP (computers) that are streaming video, but the routers don't appear to do a good job of distributing bandwidth and thus a few people streaming video still affects everybody's speed.

Solution is coming!

It is too early to advertise the specific changes, but we are considering a system that will provide FREE WiFi for email (512 kbps), while those people that want to stream video will have a an option to pay a very reasonable fee for their own faster service (5 mbps). 

Another selling point of this new system is that they are using a router and trafficking software that does a better job of distributing the signal to all users. 

I, as the technology manager for the park, am very excited to see this system.  It should make better use of the bandwidth total for the park and let people decide for themselves how much bandwidth and speed that they want!!  Please stay tuned!

Terry Brase, Technology Manager

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